• Version 0.1.0 Alpha

    Daniel 4 months ago 643 commits to master since this release

    Version 0.1.0 Alpha

    This version is a major update since the last version. More scenes and events have been added and there is now a combat system. The combat system has a lot of work still left to be worked on. A random event system has been added, so the game won’t get dull if playing multiple times. There is still a lot of features to be added.


    • Added basic combat system however, still has a bit of work to be done on
    • Added 2 more scenes + Random event system after those scenes
    • Added game over screen when you reach 0 HP
    • Improved with instructions on how to install, use and contribute


    • Add more of the story
    • Add more events in the randomized event system
    • Add saving system
    • Add stores that are located and you can purchase weapons, armour, etc.
    • Improve the turned-based combat system to also include hp of enemy and hp of you during combat
    • Make healing items consumable
    • Make extra swords that deal extra damage
    • Implement Armour which absorbs a percentage of damage
    • Add extra options to the combat system such as sparing, using items such as healing potions and trying to talk to the person.