• Version 0.4.0 Beta release

    Daniel 2 weeks ago 459 commits to master since this release

    Version 0.4.0 Beta release

    We’ve moved to Beta now! More features have been added however, alot of the content is still not implemented. There might be some bugs as well. There is now scrolling text and background music!



    • Major Update! More of the story has been implemented! There is now a brick puzzle (Thanks to @Xenthio)
    • Major Update! There is background music now! The music isn’t mine, and I’ll replace it when I get better music.
    • Revamped the Game Over screen
    • Added some more developer commands, this is for debugging and requires a password
    • Added (Work in progress) Options menu
    • Added (Work in progress, also is a buggy mess) Saving and loading system
    • Under-the-hood, the structure of the program has been completely changed with the conversion to Classes.


    • Add more of the story
    • Add more events in the randomized event system
    • Improve saving system
    • Improve the turned-based combat system to also include hp of enemy and hp of you during combat
    • Make extra swords that deal extra damage
    • Add more Armour which absorbs a percentage of damage
    • Add extra options to the combat system such as sparing, using items such as healing potions and trying to talk to the person.
    • Fix combat system dealing no damage


    The Windows build is currently having bugs with playing sound, please use different methods.
    I highly recommend you to try out Linux, it’s an alternative operating system to Windows and
    is more well designed. If you have a mac, MacOS is great too.
    You can install a popular distro such as Manjaro Linux

    The MacOS build also seems to be broken, we’re trying to fix it.

    You can either install using the precompiled binaries, compile it yourself or use Python.
    The precompiled binaries have been attached to this release.
    For more detail, please check the