• Version 0.6.0 Beta

    Daniel 2 weeks ago 124 commits to master since this release

    Version 0.6.0 Beta

    This version has a complete story overhaul, major refactoring and other features and improvements. The story is not completed yet.

    Screenshot of rich presence


    • Major change! Discord rich-presence is here! Now your friends can see you’re playing DungeonCli and what scene you are playing!
    • Major change! Major story overhaul, the story has been re-implemented to be better
    • Major change! Major refactoring. The code has been refactored and split into multiple files
    • Intro music has been replaced, AsianPotato77 has made a great new song!
    • Lots of other bug fixes
    • A work-in-progress online combat has been implemented. Currently we only got the chat system.


    There are 3 main methods:

    1. Downloading and running the precompiled binaries here (Recommended)
    2. Installing Python and the dependencies, then running it
    3. Compiling it yourself. (Expert only)

    Check the file for more info.

    Installing from precompiled binaries:

    On Windows

    Download the .zip file, extract it and open “DungeonCli.exe”

    On Linux/Macos

    Download the respective file, give it executable permissions and run it

    To give it executable permissions: chmod +x ./file

    To run it: ./file