A terminal-based dungeon crawler game http://pavela.net/DungeonCli/index.html
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Contributing on DungeonCli

Thanks for deciding to contribute to DungeonCli!


You can always help with translations, currently, they are not implemented but if you are interested in helping translate a language, we will implement that. If you want to translate, just let us know by opening up an issue.

How to make a pull request

You can create a fork of this, create changes to the fork and then open a pull request, and one of the maintainers will review your code. If it’s good we’ll accept it.


If you want to add an extra feature make sure to test your code before opening a pull request.

Please try and use Python PEP8 styling and camelCase for variables, functions and class names. Use intuitive names and make sure that your feature doesn’t break anything else. Try to include code comments in your code so others can understand it easier.

For people with write permission to the master branch, feel free to commit directly to master for small changes and bug fixes however, if you are adding a major feature or update, it is recommended to create a pull request instead so others can review your code.

Some useful stuff

Some of our code comments may help with you understanding the code, some may not. Here is a explanation of some main parts:

/Engine/ Directory

In /Engine/, the core functions of DungeonCli are stored. This includes the combat system, the text system, the potion system and variables for the scene and the player.

/src/ Directory

In /src/, several other stuff that isn’t part of the core engine is included. Currently saveSystem.py is unused, multiplayer.py is unfinished and richPrecense.py is used for the Discord Rich Precense when playing the game.


The function that asks for a command and then runs another function based on the command typed.


This is where all the scenes and story happens.


If you would like an explanation about something in the code, you can ask us in the Discord server or Daniel071 on IRC (Freenode)