A terminal-based dungeon crawler game http://pavela.net/DungeonCli/index.html
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Daniel Pavela 5a0e96ba57
Update scene number
1 week ago
DGCombat.py Change music after combat 1 month ago
DGDialog.py Add new scene 1 month ago
DGMain.py Fix variable not being defined 2 weeks ago
DGPlayer.py Change install script to not rely on PIP path 3 weeks ago
DGPotion.py Fix bug - Crash when heal() is called 3 weeks ago
DGSave.py Fix bug where you can bypass tempProgressCommand 1 month ago
DGScene.py Update scene number 1 week ago
DGText.py Improve updating, fix more bugs 2 weeks ago
DGTypes.py Add documentation 1 month ago
DGUpdate.py Improve updater 2 weeks ago
__init__.py ok test split stuff up. 2 months ago